Basic Information

Name: Hydrogen

Symbol: H

Atomic Number: 1

Atomic Mass: 1.00794 amu

Melting Point: -259.14 C (14.009985 K, -434.45203 F)

Boiling Point: -252.87 C (20.280005 K, -423.166 F)

Number of Protons/Electrons: 1

Number of Neutrons: 0

Classification: Non-metal

Crystal Structure: Hexagonal

Density @ 293 K: 0.08988 g/cm3

Color: colorless

Atomic Structure

[Bohr Model of Hydrogen]

Number of Energy Levels: 1

First Energy Level: 1


Isotope Half Life

H-1 Stable

H-2 Stable

H-3 12.3 years


Date of Discovery: 1766

Discoverer: Henry Cavendish

Name Origin: From the Greek words hudr (water) and gennan (generate)

Uses: Balloons, metal refining

Obtained From: mines, oil, gas wells